Sunday, August 14, 2011

Around the Garden

The garden has been a surprise to us lately. I have never seen carrots nor squash.. nor even corn flourish this well here, especially with the late start of the season and, of course, lack of full sun. It feels like a little jungle when we are among the beautiful plants. I was a little discouraged to begin with, but we are very excited now.

Our assorted cucumbers are doing pretty darn good. I tried to capture this little polinator, but he was too quick to capture a clear photograph.

Our carrot tops are thick and tall!

Our wax beans and green beans were delicious with dinner tonight.

We have a few selections of squash: golden zuchinni, crookneck, and butternut. I have already harvested a good-sized golden zuchinni. It was delish!

Dill: flavorful and gorgeous!

Corn..... the stalks are as tall as me, and some are taller! We are actually getting some corn, too!!!

A little harvesting this evening.....

Ahhh, the fruits of our labor.... or rather, the veggies of our labor.
It really did pay off, despite our skepticism to begin with.

Gleeful gardening and happy harvesting!



  1. That is so great! We get like zero sun on our patio, as you know... but eric will throw random, not so fresh produce in the dirt anyway, just to see what happens. There's something sprouting now, and I have no idea what it is! I hope it survives long enough for us to find out! -Jenna