Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Sitting on a Swing

These photos are from a couple weeks ago. Just a few shots of my perspective as I sat on a swing on my children's swing set. Unfortunately, due to the lack of a greenhouse early in the year and the crazy cold weather here in the mountains that lingered into June, not to mention the limited light we have back here, this garden was looking pretty lifeless. Yet, it still holds its' informal beauty, built with random things we had laying around. Eventually, when we own a property that is truly our own and one that is set up for it, we will create a much more vast and interesting garden, greenhouse, and homestead.

Somehow, black and white photos capture the essence of a moment from a different angle than that of color photos. Maybe, I should capture more moments in black and white. I used to play with black and white photography in high school, but the digital age has made it easier to create great pictures.

This day was a partially sunny one among the many rainy, cloudy, cold days. It was quite lovely, especially since the weather should be warm and sunny this time of year.

Luckily, these last 2 days have been sunny. I am looking forward to the continuing warmth as we approach Summer's arrival. And I am very pleased to see babies coming up in the garden...finally.


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