Saturday, June 04, 2011

Simple Pleasures

It always seems to be the little things that make the whole of one's world. Here are a few things in my little world that have made me happy from the last couple of days. I must apologize in advance, though, about the blurriness of some pictures. I am no incredible photographer. Sometimes, that is just how it goes for me.

~ A visit to our local market equipped with newly sewn produce bags, made with hemp, wool, wooden beads, old knit shirts, and thrifted sheets and fabric. I have a few more to make still. ~

~ A trip to the local library. I am so excited about all of this rainy day reading... and so are the boys. ~ 

~ Freshly-baked Sweet Wheat Bread... that is what I call it, anyway. It is a make ahead bread dough recipe that gets better with age in the fridge.. up to 2 weeks. I found it at Mother Earth News last night. The smell was absolutely incredible! The kitchen filled with home-baked sweetness after mere moments in the oven...No exaggeration. ~

~ Making our own pasta for the first time ever. Not as pretty as it could be, but very successful and delicious. Dylan had not only seconds last night, but thirds! He has never had thirds. I'll say the boys certainly shared my feelings about the taste. ~

~ The quite informal, yet homey setting of our dinner table. ~

 ~ Spending a dollar at the thrift shop. ~

~ Figuring out a simple way to store my thread with things I already have. ~

~ Admiring the work Jared does when he homeschools. He decided drawing a picture of us at the farmer's market would be a perfect representation of June. Too bad it was rainy at today's market. ~

Funny how the simple things add up to so much. Have a great remainder of your weekend and take time to enjoy the little things around you.



  1. What lovely "simple" things! Love the idea of your produce bags!


  2. Love it, as usual! Also wanted to add that I so wish I could reach out and use some of your green thread! Need to do a little tank top alteration man.