Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Building a Table With the Boys

The boys and I decided we would make and paint a table yesterday. So, I gathered a few materials laying around and built one, having had no prior woodworking experience or knowledge. I think it turned out pretty decent, considering I didn't really know what I was doing. Best part of it was that it was such an enjoyable process.

I assumed this would be enough support because the table is fairly small, but afterwards I added 2 more boards across the depth of the table.

....My little helper....

....Jared's photo of Mommy painting a picture to be colored in.....

Lukey did most of it, with a little help from Jared.

Dylan's job was to paint the legs...Luke and I helped a bit, though.

My contribution was the farm property around the edges.... I am no painter, but it was fun just the same...

Jared wanted to paint his own scene.

Our colors were limited because we did not have blue on hand. We had a really light blue which works for the sky, but not for making purple in the rainbow and the lupine. Maybe we can go over that at a later point.

Jared decided he wanted to make a spring cloudy night scene with a fox and his Daddy's "Big Jeep."

And there you have it. Not too shabby for someone who can barely figure out how to use a darn drill.


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  1. Dude! You guys are amazing!