Thursday, June 09, 2011

Around the Garden

Recently, a favorite blog of mine (Farmama) started a weekly posting about what is going on "Around the Farm." She has encouraged others to share, as well, whether one has a simple garden, a homestead, or a family farm. Since I don't yet have any livestock, nor a large greenhouse, I am calling my version "Around the Garden" for now.

The other day, we rigged this small greenhouse with what we had. We found these glass shelves and propped them up on some wood and voila! We will see how it goes...

A mini-garden for the kids...well, Dylan was the only one that planted seeds with me while the 2 big boys played. I have noticed that Dylan is the one who has been spending the most time working with me in the garden and around the property. I guess I am planting a seed in pun intended. He has been helping me make bark for the walkway from a rotting tree stump we removed from the backyard.

This Morning in the Garden

The beginnings of crookneck squash...

The corn is absolutely loving the sun.... I am not sure it will do what it needs to do this year because we do not get an entire day's worth of sun here, but it is worth a try in my book. 

Green Beans.......

 These radishes are happy...looks like we need to do some trimming.....

Daniel didn't think carrots would grow here...but they are.......

In the Evening

More crooknecks and golden zuchinnis came up today. And those that were peeking out this morning were fully reaching out by dinner.

Corn emerging everywhere!

More beans......

And a couple friends near the garden. I love them! So do the boys. Especially Dylan. 

Maybe one day I will be able to refer to my farm and have a plethora of plants in my greenhouse by this time of year...and have lambs to birth and sheep to shear and layers for eggs......... Ah, but I will take it one day at a time. That is all for this week.


  1. Oh I just found you via Farmama. I love the shots.

  2. I love that there are 2 of those salamanders hanging out together. They are slimy little partners =D