Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Celebration and Organization

'Twas yet another thrifty birthday for our blooming 12-year-old! We had a blast in the total simplicity of the day. Actually, much of the weekend, Luke was helping his Dad with the firewood for the approaching winter, which he found to be very fulfilling. He enjoyed laboring for his birthday...hahaha!

I made the above sign the night before, and apparently I was having difficulty figuring out how many index cards I would be needing... It was late.......  Below, I prepared chocolate pancakes with fresh strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream. He wasn't expecting that. :)

A gift, card, and envelope made by Jared.


He really appreciated the mosaic picture frame from his brother. Yay for the dollar store and a little imagination!

This photo turned out pretty darn good considering it was super early in the morning and they had a touch of bedhead.

This weekend, I also reorganized a few areas in the house. I finally returned Daniel's desk space to him. The shelf was covered in knitting and sewing stuff before.

Out where the craft corner was, I transformed it into a simple open office space, as it should have been a while back.

I took the other desk/table into the bedroom where the two big bookshelves were before I put them into the living room. This table sits next to my small dresser. This is now my sewing/craft table. I absolutely love it!!!!!

Over where my dresser previously sat, is now the wooden cart originally from the kitchen. It is great for extra nearby shelving.

Today, I was able to use my sewing table for the first time. I made the binding for 3 different quilts! The turquoise binding will be for the 36 Patch Quilt (I couldn't wait any longer for Amanda Jean's example, so I decided on my own finishing touches), the brown floral will be for the Autumn quilt I made last year, and the pink is for Liv's baby quilt, shown on my table above. 

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  1. I adore that picture of the 3 of them! Luke looks more like his Dad every day, and I love how Jared's got his arms around both his bros. He looks all take charge. A really great picture Jayme

    <3 Jenna