Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Zigzag Rainbow Baby Quilt Top

This is the first baby quilt top I will share with you that, when finished, will be sold in my shop on Etsy. Yes, I know fairly recently I said I didn't feel ready to do so, but I have since refined my skills, to my own amazement. Furthermore, I am simply ready to sell my work as it unfolds. The shop will open when a few things are ready to go. Right now there are 2 finished quilt tops, 2 partially completed tops, 1 nearly done top (all for babies), and 6 tooth fairy pillows that are each 90% finished. So, here is the one that was finished this evening. The colors burst forth with the white zigzags between each color. I really enjoyed using a variety of fabrics, rather than making a uniform pattern within each zigzag. It gives it a bit more character anyway. :)

Be back with more soon.....


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