Friday, November 04, 2011


Halloween was mellow, as it is every year for us. We usually hit Main St. in town with the kids because it is early, safe, and fun to see the creativity in others' costumes. There are usually some pretty creative ones. My favorite this year had to be a little boy who was maybe 7 years old, dressed up as Edward Scissorhands. The perfection of the wig and the costume, along with his professional-looking makeup job made him look like a movie-quality Mini-me of the original character. Not only was he super cute, but genuine and cool. The other winning costume ended up being my old friend (though I didn't realize it until later) in a homemade-walking-on-her-head costume. She was literally talking to me with her hands in the air, faceless, through a pair of pants, holding shoes as if her feet were above her. She was cracking up as she gave me "crotch hugs". Hee hee hee! Clever, Leslie. You are such a goofball!

This year, for several months, Jared has been talking about being a vampire. I tried to steer him away from that a bit, suggesting a scarecrow or something easy to create with very little. But, No. His unwavering choice was undeniable on my part, and I had to make this happen for him. How could I let him down? We had neither the money for a "frivolous" costume, nor materials and patterns to make one. So, we happened to find some clearance fabric in black and in red. I bought it and came up with a vampiric cape pattern that seemed to come together as I tried it on Jared several times, as if he were a mannequin. We had some black hair spray from last year, we threw in a pair of cheap teeth and makeup, and voila! He loved it and he looked awesome!!! Dylan inherited the monkey costume in their dress-up clothes. Jared wore this costume when he was Dylan's age, too. Nothing wrong with hand-me-downs. Cuteness is timeless and Dylan pulls off the costume with an original cuteness. :)

And here is silly me..... I neither wear makeup nor dresses and skirts. So, Halloween is my excuse to "get girly." I wasn't going to dress up, but I saw this gorgeous skirt in my closet....beautiful, but I just know I will never wear it.... and I found the cape in the very back. So, last minute, I created a Colonial witch...mildly like the characters of Hocus Pocus. It looks better with the hood of my cloak on my head, but it's a decent enough shot. ;)

We just enjoyed the simplicity of the celebration, along with the inevitable entertainment of others clad in their Halloween spirit, and the kids enjoyed the short-lived ability to binge on candy before we returned home.

~ Happy Halloween~

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  1. AAAAAAhahahaha!!!! "Crotch hugs"!!! -Jenna