Sunday, October 09, 2011

Starry Night At Home Quilt ~ Part 3

I have had this wall decor finished for a while now, but I haven't made the time to post the final results. It has not yet been washed either, so that may affect the results of it's final look. I last mentioned digging up some solid black in my stash, but I suprisingly have none. However, I found some solid brown that gave me a mellow, woodsy feel. When all was put together, I handstitched the mini-quilt, which was very enjoyable. Besides, there is nothing like a hand-sewn quilt.

When I created this little quilt, the theme I had in mind was a "night time at the most cozy place on Earth... home", type theme. I thought just today, though, that perhaps I could have at least made a green horizontal strip below each house to give the effect of actually sitting on the ground, but I still quite like it the way that it is. I then finished the quilt with two of the four similar fabrics used in the red door theme. It turned out brighter than expected, but I still like the glow it gives off. The finished piece measures at about 27.5" on each side. I decided to use 3 fabrics I had already used in the quilt on the hanging loops at the top. Bamboo or a wooden dowel would have worked more seamlessly, but I instead grabbed an imperfect stick outside, which I think I might like better. It certainly fits nicely in the boys' room, among the other eclectic Waldorf, thrifted, and handmade wall hangings. 

What a fantastic project to practice handsewing and the implementation of my own designs... you know, taking risks and seeing what the results end up being. What a learning experience. For instance, I now know I haven't the patience for such hand stitching on a full-sized quilt, though I truly admire those who do. I also am now quite aware that I thoroughly enjoy creating familiar images with patchwork, like these houses. To me, it is all about the process, even though final results are a wonderful perk.  :)


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