Thursday, November 11, 2010

: Tuesday : Creations :

I wasn't working on much for a while, but the changing of the seasons has inspired me to do some creating. I am working on a patchwork quilt that ended up coincidentally being an Autumn patchwork quilt. It is complete front and simply needs some inner threading and some outer edging, which is the time consuming part. I cannot wait to cozy up with the kids in this blanket of love. Plus, it is twice as big as Jared's birthday quilt.

Additionally, I have made a few cotton knit wash cloths for the bath/shower baskets I am going to make for the boys and Daniel for Christmas. Just need to tie in a few ends...

I sewed some batik balls for the boys to throw around the house. Again, just need to sew up the holes...

I have numerous things on my list for decorations and gifts, but I will take it day by day.

In recent weeks, I made a few felted pumpkins for Jared's nature table, little logs (I sawed thick sticks in short pieces and sanded them), big logs (pretty good-sized branches, dealt with in the same manner), wooden blocks (cut and sanded), another lunch set (this was just before we pulled Jared out of school..though we still use it at times), and countless hands-on activities with the boys.

Oh, by the way, right now, I am attempting to make slippers for Jared, but I am not so sure about the sizing just yet.

Ah, the gift of giving, especially when you made it with the reciever in mind.....


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