Thursday, November 11, 2010

: Friday : Moment :

This moment, inspired by Amanda Soule, is a wordless account of a moment that gives one joy. Generally, it is illustrated by one photograph, but we have a few...this is actually from a couple weeks ago, so I am little behind. Enjoy.

Week In Gratitude

I am grateful for:

~ There only being 3 weeks left of school for Daniel...sweet relief when that comes

~ Being given the gift of pulling through this hard time (You know who you are....)

~ Feeling better every day I practice yoga

~ The moisture and the colors and the feeling of the season

~ Waldorf homeschool

~ Living in nature in the mountains

~ Getting better with sewing

~ Sleep ....something I need right about now...

How About You? We would love to hear your reflections, as well.



  1. :)) pumpkins... magic shots, thank for sharing!! this is our italian moment. Have a nice we!

  2. Looks like a fun moment...I love your self reflection idea! Here is our moment:

  3. Lovely moment a field day I like it.
    Regards from a peruvian via soule mama

  4. This is lovely day for this little as we can see playing with the pumpkin.Its look like great growing farm of the pumpkin.Little one is playing with it like the Balls.

  5. The pumpkins are a delight to share. The photos are really beautiful. From your pictures one could easily predict that you must had a wonderful day. Nature has such beauties to share. Children are a delight to watch it seems they are having a great time.

  6. I like to see pumpkins. Here I found two little kids having a fun in the garden. I like to watch this moments. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing your precious moments with all of us.

  7. There are so many beautiful moments in the life that we can not encountered it. These is one of them. Here I can see pumpkins. I love to see this beautiful picture of enjoyment with family. Such a nice post!

  8. This blog is really so blog.You share such a great moments over here.Every body have a their own memorable moments.I am pleased to see this blog.

  9. he! i'm a your reader from italy. I love your blog and miss your posts