Thursday, January 19, 2012

Asian Influence in Our Kitchen

Lately, we have had a craving for Asian dinners. They have proven to be quite balanced and delicious. Even the kids approve.

This image is my son's bowl of Spicy Asian Stir-Fry with Whole-Wheat Linguine. Simple, yummy...

This was a thrown together red quinoa mock Asian dish from things I had left in the fridge. It was a hit! Flavorful and complete.

This is probably a poor representation of a delicious dish we made called Gaeng Khae (Spicy Thai Vegetable Soup). It was both therapuetic and savory.

This is our Citrus Salad, slightly modified from the recipe, but super refreshing and delectable.

This dish was based upon the Bamboo Shoot, Mushroom, and Long Bean Stir-Fry recipe in the December 2011 issue of Vegetarian Times Magazine. I can't find it on their website, though.

This Sticky Rice with Carrots, Shitake Mushrooms, and Peanuts dish was also in the same article, "Buddha's Delight" as the above recipe. Likewise, it also is not yet listed on their website. We always seem to change things here and there. Instead of sticky rice, we used wild rice and jasmine rice. Mmmmm....

We were feeling under the weather for a few days, so we decided to try some Ginger Tea. Both potent and soothing.
Try these if you like or get inspired to try some Asian cooking that is light, yet filling, balanced, and often medicinal. Enjoy.


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